Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Awesome Book!

For a long time now I’ve been looking for someone or something to help me in a practical way in my prayer life. Any time I ask for some kind of ‘how to pray’ advice I pretty much get the ‘just do it and it will become easier’ kind of answer. But seriously, that just has never helped me at ALL. Where do you start to be able to ‘just do it’?

The other day I went to go to do an hour or so of Adoration for and was browsing through my bookshelves for some kind of book to take along with me. I found St Francis de Sales Introduction to the Devout Life and though “Well, never read this one,” and then ran out of the house.

Ok, so now I’ve found the best book in the world! Big call I know… but sometimes God puts the right book in your hands at the right time and boy did I need this book. Seriously if you need a pick me up in your prayer life this one really helped me. I know that heaps of people have already discovered it but if you haven’t, discover it now!

It’s not just a why you should pray, it is more of a why wouldn’t you want to pray. If you want to become closer to Christ, then here are some prayers, things to think about and guidelines which can help you. Practicalorama!

One of the best things is that he is writing so that the normal person who is trying to live in the normal world can come closer to Christ.
Sigh… in case you hadn’t picked up on it: I. Love. It.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hmmmm let’s try this AGAIN!

Ok. So I am, perhaps, the most inconsistent blogger in the world, who also consistently breaks her blogging promises...I’m not going to make any more promises about this blog. I will blog when I want to and I make no apologies.


Anyway just in case you were wondering … yes I bought that suit. Minutes of trauma ended with me just saying “Eh! What the heck!” Besides it’s a very cool suit.

Ok lets see if I can come back later and blog again. The bets are ON.