Tuesday, September 12, 2006

“You can’t be Silent!”…..

…..or so they thought! I just spent my weekend on a (predominantly) silent retreat and the doubting Thomas’ around these parts just laughed and said I wouldn’t last an hour. WRONG!!!! I didn’t say a word (Talking to the priest doesn’t count). I did laugh…but for me not to laugh would require my voice-box to be removed, so laughing doesn’t count either.

I haven’t been on a retreat for quite a while. I’ve been too busy, which, as Fr Denton pointed out to me, was a reason to go in itself. He was right (as hard as it is for me to admit such things). It was really nice just to stop, refocus, and spend time with God, in the company of other women doing the same thing.

The retreat was run by the Vocations Office here in Melbourne and there was about 17 or so women who took up the opportunity. Although I had no blinding flash from God about my future ( I actually see this as a positive. No falling of horses and being blind for me!!), it was good to just sit and look at God, with Him looking back. I’m so thankful for the gift of adoration. I really don’t know what life would be like without it. Actually I do. It would be a whole lot more confusing!

Damn Straight!

I'm sorry for littering this blog with these pictures but they are one of my favouite things at the moment!


How cute. There is a little old man sitting on the grassy median strip outside my window having a lovely time in the sun. It’s such a nice day today. Lots of sun and blossoms and general cheeriness.

It’s Finally Over! There is Much Rejoicing.

Yes, after what seems like an eternity, I , Miss Monification, will finally become:
(clears throat)
Miss Monification B.Com, BA (Deakin).

I graduate on the 26th of October.

You can have no idea how much I wanted to cry with relief when I got that news. I finally get to wear my trencher, cape and colours. Well, one colour. I’m wearing my Commerce colour because that’s the degree I really wanted. Arts was like my sidedish. The colour is described as buttercup yellow. What a lovely name for a colour! It will suit my very happy mood perfectly!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

OK ……The Five Things Meme (Damn you Shannon)


…in my Freezer
1. Mince
2. Almost finished tub of frozen yoghurt (you know when there is too much to throw out but not enough to have a decent serve??)
3. A heck of a lot of ice around the edges (Hey girls, we should really defrost this thing)
4. Packet of Frozen Vegetables
5. A bag of frozen chips that have been there since before I moved into this house ten months ago.

…in my Closet
1. A bag of green material for my bridesmaids dress
2. A lot of shoes
3. Well, my clothes
4. OH!!! THERE’S my walkman!!!
5. I’m a hoarder (much to my Mum’s chagrin) so there are boxes of stuff that I have saved from various events in my life from my Deb to my last day of school and piles of World Youth Day stuff.

…in my Car (which is sitting miserably in the driveway because it has not worked for AGES)
1. A broken Radiator
2. A potential blow head gasket
3. A sun-stained note book
4. Dust
5. More dust

…in my Backpack (I’m just going to say handbag here)
1. Lots of pens
2. Lipstick
3. Lip gloss
4. Phone
5. My Pope Benedict Rosary beads

DONE!!!! Hopefully I'll post something more meaningful later!
Just to keep things rolling a little....