Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok so we're back! Due to popular demand (thanks Credo and Meg) I have returned to the blogsphere. I really should be doing an assignment.....but hey my public need me. Its been a while since I got back from World Youth Day but I can tell you it seriously has taken me this long to get over it. Physically it takes a lot out of you and spiritually it will always pick you up where your at and then plonk you down somewhere else and you have to learn how to deal with life as you left it in your new state. I went on WYD 2002 in Toronto and that was difficult, rewarding of course, but difficult... This time it was even more difficult. I would probably say that it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. In saying that though, I probably have got more blessing out of it. I think that on this trip the things that became most apparent to me was that you can't just say "yeah sure I trust in God" you actually have to live it. I know...sounds a little crazy but I mean I don't know how many times I've heard from various people "Trust in God" and I've just been "yeah yeah sure I do whatever" But to really trust in God means so much more. It's a whole way of life. For me it's kind of been easier to trust God on the big things, like perhaps my vocation, what does God want me to do with my life...hey trust God and it will become clearer. But it is SO much harder to trust him in the little things day to day type things. Like oh my goodness I have just put about 40 pilgrims on a train in Cologne that's going the wrong way what am I going to do. I would normally panic at this point but I had learned that panicking just gets you no where. Say a quick prayer of help and trust. We get of off at the next station and hey whatd’ya know there's a bus here that goes straight to where we are staying! Another example. We all were going to Düsseldorf and my group of about fifty had about one and a half hours of free time then we were all meeting and I would get them on the right train (REALLY made sure it was the right train!) the right platform the right time ect ect ect. Now I had everything planned to the minute and my group were a (generally) on time bunch (good on you guys!) and so I knew that it would all be fine. But my plans went out the window when two of the priests I was with decided that everyone should go to the Church around the corner and pray for a short while as there was adoration there. Adoration, RIGHT NOW. 5 minutes before the train leaves.....ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Actually I was quite appalled at myself!!! Sigh, fine…go pray I’ll go and work out the trains….. again. I went to the train station and as I was looking up the new train with the new time on a new platform an announcement came over the speakers, first in German then in English….The train (whatever it was that we were catching) had been delayed for 30 minutes sorry for the inconvenience….I just had to laugh, shake my head and chastise myself for not trusting God! Ok and mildly annoyed that Fr Mark and Fr Anthony would be able to say “See we were right” and they so love being right….don’t you Frs! Of course we made the train. Hmmmm Credo, has commented that my posts are like I open up my brain and let the thoughts out on a page….I have a terrible feeling that he’s right! I think I’ll leave it here and post on WYD a bit later, just so it’s not broken up a little…besides I REALLY have to do my work! Cheers!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Hi there! Over the past few months I have had a temp job as receptionist two days a week. This has meant that I have had a HUGE amount of time on my hands and the internet in front of me. Has anyone ever found that when it's right there in front of you, you can just never think of ANYTHING to look up? I complained about this to a priest friend of mine (I might as well tell you now that I'm Catholic) and said that I was soooo bored. He then told me off and said that I should have a look at all the lovely Catholic websites around. So I took his advice (See Fr Mark I DO listen to you!) and discovered the world of be exact, the world of Catholic blogs. It's been FASCINATING! I've loved just getting a glimpse of other people's lives and their thoughts on life, on Christ and His Church. So today, as I finish up this job (silly girl should have started earlier!) I will begin to give you glimpse of my own crazy life which would not be possible without the amazing love that Christ has for me and the Church which nurtures my faith. I'll tell you about myself and what's happening with me, and make comment on various happenings as they...well... happen I guess. Firstly a bit about myself( if you know me well, then just my blogger name will give away who I am!), I'm a 22 year old girl (hence the lovely pink shades on my blog) and am the oldest of five children (I have a sister and three brothers ranging from the ages of 21 to 7). I live in Melbourne, Australia and am FINALLY going to be finished my double degree in Arts/Commerce at the end of the year (there will be much rejoicing!). I work in the Catholic Archdiocese here in various capacities! The job (apart from my reception work) that has been taking up most of my time at the moment has been helping to organise young Melbournians get to World Youth Day. I can tell you right now it's been CRAZY! Good crazy, I actually like crazy, but it has been crazy. Our first group of pilgrims leave on Saturday, which is TOMORROW, and it’s just been go go go! This group does a pilgrimage around Italy first and then makes their way to Cologne. The rest of the group is leaving on the Wednesday and is going to Aachen for a few days and then will be meeting up with the other group in Cologne. Slowly getting very excited! I haven’t packed yet (don’t worry I am not going tomorrow, I’m going on Wednesday!) so it’s not been a reality to me yet! It’s just been great to work in this office, and it has been made even better because I get to work with two of the most FANTASTIC people in the world (Hi Jo and Blair!) and have just been brilliant. They have organised within an inch of their lives!!! Champs both of them! When I get back I’ll tell you all about it and put up some pictures! I get to see Pope Ben XVI! SO exciting!

Well that’s a bit about me, as you can tell, I can ramble on a bit….but hey that’s me, and it is MY blog so ramblings is what you will get! ;). Oh and before I sign off, happy St Dominic’s Day to all the Dominicans in Australia (For the rest of the world’s information, St Dominic has been shunted to the 5th of August ‘cause our own almost saint, Blessed Mary McKilliop, aka as, Blessed Mary of the Cross, has her feast on the same day!) I’m a lay Dominican so Solemnity for me today! God bless!