Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well, if I actually live through the night and get my massive pile of work that is on my desk done, I will be up in the air very soon :) Can't wait. Haven't been to Rome since September and now there is a glorious amount of love people living there. SO exciting. Anyway, I had better get back to this pile of never ending paper. Not. Fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amazing shoes and a fun night out. 

I love sales. Especially sales where Ted Baker is cheap... ish. I bought these most fabulous shoes for £40 recently. Amazing. THEN that night I went out to the lovely Katie and dashing Graham's birthday to road test them. They took me all the way to Greenwich and I didn't fall over once. I count that as shoe success.

Ahhhh the shoeage. 

Picture of Hannah and Monica NOT taken by themselves.... 

Picture of Hannah and Monica doing their normal selfie.

Homage to Hannah's shoes. 
I do totally miss this lady. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rome if you want to...
So very exciting. I am off to Rome next Friday after work for a long weekend. I love Rome, even though car accidents are frequent and the people are insane. I'll be meeting up with the Spes group on their last day in Rome and then Hannah and I shall have a most fabulous time wandering around ... and seeing amazing people like Jackie ( AH! I just remembered that I haven't written to you yet!Shall rectify that now!)  and all those other amazing Rome dwellers.

Also, I cannot believe that it is nearly March. Crazy.
Back track # 5
Fun times with fruity beers

And Julia and Suzanne

Count Down #5
84 sleeps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Backtrack #4

White Knights Ball
Honestly one of the best nights out in the year. The Knights of Malta have a ball every year to raise money to take disabled children to Lourdes. Great venue, great food, amazing music and even better company made it a fabulous night as per usual. So much fun... means... low camera usage... so... here's SOME photos... although, not so many
Me... very excited. 
I love a beautifully laid table... and a full champagne glass....

The most excellent Fr Peter

Packed dance floor

Heads and tails

c'est moi
Hot Ribena. 

Do it. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love this. 

A lot.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Backtrack #3
Newcastle, Durham, Hexham and that cute little town I can't remember the name in with the awesome pub....

After a lovely time in Penrith with the family Steven I went and visited the family Macgregor in Newcastle and once again had the most lovely time hanging around with a fantastic family. I cannot believe I forgot to get my camera out for most of the time, very annoying, but Maria and I had a lovely couple of days driving around to different parts of Northumbria. The only time i did take out the camera was when I went to Durham, where my battery died and no more photos were to be had, even if I wanted to. (Kat, Mark, Ant, which-who-when?)

Here are said photos of a Durham in snow:

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Backtrack #2

A Night In The Wilds Of Penrith

The Stevens plus one (moi) head out into the night life of Penrith. I was holding on for deal life, mainly to Will, because the ice was treacherous, even for those who don't are are not vertically challenged, imagine what it was like for me... in heels... Feel sorry for the poor boy!

Before we all head out 

Cat and I
Pretty coloured drinks

Pretty ladies sitting on a couch. 
And the beautiful lady held court! 
Cat and Alex

Count Down The Second  #1
52 Sleeps.
Count Down #4
98 Sleeps
Backtrack #1

Christmas. Was. Amazing.
I went up to Penrith ("no, not Sydney" she said in a bored voice at the hundredth time someone thought that they would make a "joke") up in Cumbria and spent it with the lovely Steven Family who have been most gracious and adopted me since I have moved to the UK. This has been my third Christmas with them and as per usual they were just what a girl needs when her family are a thousand or so miles away.

Herewith are photos of fun and festivities of the day!

Cat and Eddie after sorting out all things presentish. 
  Christmas dinner

 The house Christmas morning...White Christmas! 
Flic and I very excited to be going out sledging. (NO! Not that kind of sledging!)

Just gorgeous 

Climbing up the steep sledging track

Ummm... where did the carpark go? 

Ok. So my camera is finally back up stairs, my computer is fixed and I have some time. The massive update begins!!