Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Because they are just so lovely...

I thought I'd put up another photo of Cat and Blair! (Photo by Ryan!)

You know when you know you're working hard but the pile on your desk never gets any smaller??? What is the why of this?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Wedding!!!!

I forgot to mention the wedding that I went to two weeks ago. It was just so beautiful! It was another friend marries friend scenario. My very gorgeous house mate Catherine married my friend and former work colleague Blair. It was so exciting. Cat and her bridesmaids came over to our house to get ready (we have a HUGE room at the front of the house) and we had such a great time! I don't think I have ever cried so much at a wedding before!!!
Here are some pics! Ta to Ange, who came out all the way from California, for the photos!

Ang and I waiting for the bride!

The Vows

The Bridal Party

Me and the Kitten!

I love…

Waking up with enough time to sit down and have breakfast and a cup of tea!

Going outside in the morning from a warm house in the dead of winter and having the cold air hit you like waves reminding you that yes... you are alive!

Walking (not running!) for the train because you are most certainly not late.

Arriving on the train platform and see that the next train is only 2 minutes away.

Seeing that the train is an express.

Standing on the platform and having the doors of the train stop right in front of you and all you have to do is press the button and step inside!

When the fog is so thick it really does feel like a cloud and almost like its raining…but it’s not!

When you look up at St Patrick’s Cathedral and, because of the before mentioned fog, you can hardly see the tops of the spires.

OK….. so I woke up in a good mood today!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

2028 Congress

Like I said the conference was just AWESOME! I don't have time to write anything myself right this very second BUT I thought I would put up an article by Br Barry Coldrey who went to the conference and his impressions. It's long I know but I think it gives you a good idea what it was like! (Thanks to Daniel Kenny for the Photo!!)

Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA)
Conference, Canberra, 6-8 July 2007
There are older Catholics concerned at the empty pews
they observe in many churches and the few younger
Catholics who appear to practice their faith. The
'corrosive message of the secular society and the
uncertain - lowest common denominator - focus of much
'Catholic' education have wrought havoc with Catholic
However, there was no sign of this numbing malaise at
the Abbey Function Centre, Gold Creek, on the edge of
Canberra on the weekend of 6-8 July. Three hundred
young men and women, from all states of Australia,
tertiary students and workers, gathered to pray,
inspire and celebrate their faith. They were cool and
confident, ardent and enthusiastic, untroubled by the
'a la Carte' belief patterns, agnostic prayer,
unorthodox liturgies and sterile, soft-Left political
correctness of so many 'Catholic' meetings and

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, Colorado, a
Capuchin friar, gave the keynote address: 'I am
neither liberal nor conservative' he said,'I am
Catholic. I teach the life and message of Jesus Christ
and His Church, full and entire.' The audience roared,
stomped and whistled approval. (They are young
At the Conference dinner in the Great Hall of
Parliament House, Senator Ron Boswell (National Party,
Queensland)represented Prime Minister, John Howard. He
remarked, inter alia, 'You are a minority among your
peers'. True! However, there were 350 young men and
women in the Great Hall, a large, far from cowed
minority.  Bishop Anthony Fisher, O.P. gave a dazzling
address and was given a long standing ovation by those
 It was the vitality, confidence and deep faith of the
young people,bursting with life and talent which
impressed the few 'oldies; present in support. The
young men and women worse jeans and casuals at the
Conference sessions, but they had 'scrubbed up well'
for the dinner! They were like the young people your
Dad always wanted you to be.
The Conference was organised by the ACSA executive
(2006/7) led by the sophisticated and articulate
President, Aaron Russell, a final year Engineering
student at the University of Adelaide. During the
Conference at the AGM, a new seven-person executive
was elected. Camillus O'Kane, a Town Planning student
at the University of New South Wales, is the new
President. He is supported by a strong team:
Vice-President, Nikolai Martinovic, an undergraduate
at Campion College; Secretary, Ruth Russell from South
Australia, Treasurer, Elise Nally, from Queensland, IT
Manager, Patrick Gian, from South Australia; Functions
Manager, Pat Langrelle from Sydney and Victorian
Representative, Claire Anthony who is Public Relations
Camillus has a broad vision for his Presidency
focussed on World Youth Day and the chances WYD opens
for the Australian Church. 'Our next Conference will
be held in Sydney, close to World Youth Day. We will
be looking for international 'Superstar' speakers to
fire the event. I want a close relationship with
Bishop Anthony Fisher who is head of the WYD Planning
Team. Overall, I hope to be a humble worker in
Christ's vineyard and a tower of strength to my
awesome team'
Twenty-one-year-old Camillus, has the drive and
intelligence to lead, as a personal Conference memory
might illustrate: on Saturday evening, we arrived in
the underground car park of Parliament House around
the same time. He had dropped off Cardinal Cassidy and
Archbishop Chaput at the front door. Camillus was
hurrying for pre-dinner drinks with the Bishops,
parliamentarians and other dignitaries, but he said:
'You're with me, Brother, and I'm President, stick
with me and no-one will say a word.' So I walked
beside Camillus into the Great Hall and sipped
champagne with the Bishops, parliamentarians and other
VIPs and no-one questioned by presence!
Conference organisation was sound, the AGM went
smoothly and the new ACSA is awesome. However, at the
Conference, prayer and liturgy had come first. The
event opened with Mass at the Changi Memorial Chapel
at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Archbishop
Max Davis, was principal celebrant. 'I've never had so
many young people in my church', he said.
On the Saturday, Archbishop Wilson of Adelaide led
five other Cardinals and bishops presiding at the
Eucharist in St Christopher's Cathedral, where
Archbishop Chaput preached the homily. Before the
Conference ended Sunday, the whole group was bussed to
John XXIII College Chapel at the National University
for a final Mass celebrated by Cardinal Edward Cassidy
while Bishop Geoff Jarrett of Lismore, preached. It
was a moving occasion.
At the Gold Creek Chapel throughout Friday
evening-Saturday morning, relays of young men and
women maintained constant prayer before the Blessed
Sacrament. When the writer arrived at 7 a.m. to
participate there were eleven young people praying in
silent adoration before their Risen Lord. It was a
good omen for the Conference.
At the working sessions, there was a fine array of
apeakers including Health Minister, Tony Abbott, who
spoke on 'Life and Death in 2028; Archbishop Chaput,
discussed the 'Church and the next Generation'; Rev.
Dr John Fleming, President of Campion College,
explored the 'Liberal Arts and Technical Training
while Archbishop Wilson looked at the media over the
next twenty years.
Sincere Catholic educators, exhausted 'in the
trenches' of the Catholic education system,
marginalised by feral careerists in the schools and
agnostic 'trendies' in the Catholic educational
bureaucracies, might wonder: 'Where did such
dedicated, intelligent, confident young Catholic
emerge? We have never seen them.'
The answer appears to be that they have been formed in
a delightful 'underworld' of vital new movements and
Congregations in the Church. Some are Home-schooled!
Others are attending Campion College. Some attended
Anglican, or other Christian schools and colleges.
Some attended elite Jesuit colleges where family
wealth and high social status gave them the personal
confidence to buck peer group pressure and the toxic,
anti-religious aggro around much of the Catholic
system.There are also the passionate members of Latin
Mass communities.
Family and group associations are common: there are
many family groups: the three O'Kane brothers, for
example, from Yarrawonga; the three Bielecki brothers
from St. Aloysius's Caulfield, Latin Mass community,
Brad and Tristan McLindon from Hamilton, James and
Clair Anthony from Hawthorn in Melbourne.
In addition, some Religious Congregations support
youth ministry. Young men and women from their circles
were present in numbers. Some are associated with
Disciples of Jesus Covenant Communities and the
Missionaries of God's Love; others with Franciscan
Capuching Youth Ministry. Altogether, they provided
the 300+ young men and women who made the 2007 ACSA
Conference so inspiring an experience.

New Photo!

Since the photo that WAS up on my profile was about 4 years old ... I thought that in might be a good idea to have on that is a touch more recent. :) This was taken at in Canberra whilst at the ACSA conference. Which, by the way was BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rhymes with slap-you

That's what I was told by a very esteemed priest friend of mine when I so clumsily said the name of the Archbishop of Denver, Archbishop Chaput. He told me that it rhymed with slap you and that the man himself had told him so!

ANYWAY, the Archbishop is giving a public address tonight in Melbourne as part of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (otherwise known as the ACCC -not to be confused with the OTHER ACCC , the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. VERY different!) Conference being held at the moment.

I'm actually not going. I need a night off! I'm just going to hang around at home and pack for the conference in Canberra (which he will be speaking at anyway). Anyway, I happen to know that tomorrow the transcript of the speech will be up at so I can see what he said even if I'm not able to get there myself.

Ok need to go home now!


Aren't you so proud of me??? Two days in a row!!!

2028 Congress

I'm heading up to Canberra this Thursday night to attend the ACSA conference which has now become a Congress for both students and young adults.

It's focusing on World Youth Day, specifically on the effects of what it can achieve for the future of the Church (hence the 2028 part of the title!)

You can check out what it's all about here:

It should be heaps of fun, they've got about 300 people attending which is a record for them.

It's really awesome to see this group grow steadily over the last few years.

I was part of the executive back in 2002/2003 and at that time we were holding onto it for dear life! Seriously there were times were it felt like there was no point and that everything was against us.

Times have changed however, and the leadership over the past six years or so has been just brilliant. They have built on and added to each year so that today we have this fabulous conference which six years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of wishing for!

So three cheers from me guys, I'm very proud of you!

Monday, July 02, 2007

In Other Exciting News

My sister Kathleen and her Husband Chris are having a baby! First grandchild for both sides so it’s very exciting. Not that if it was her tenth child (just kidding Kat) that it would be any less exciting but it’s all NEW and exciting.

They just had their first ultrasound last week and so it's all feeling so much more real. She's due on the 1st of Jan. Potentially interesting New Year for them!

PS I just love that picture!

It’s a bit late but…

My beautiful friend Helen got married to Alex (who is also my friend but not beautiful like Helen!) in May.

It was really just beautiful. They had a Solemn Pontifical Mass with the Archbishop Denis Hart in the Classical Roman Rite and it was magnificent. They had it At Our Lady's of Victories Basillica, which is one of the most beautiful churches in Melbourne and it just set the scene perfectly.

I’m not a “Latin Masser” as it were but I really do have a strong appreciation for it and the reverence, rich symbolism and silence which is almost tangible in it. This is not a Latin Mass post but I just thought I’d mention it since it was one of the significant aspects of this particular wedding!

All up I had a ball! There were people all over the place who had come to celebrate this wedding! We’d all waited a long time for this one and I’m just so happy for them! It’s just so cool when two of your friends get married! It does make choosing where to sit a little difficult though.

Here’s some photos from the day Helen sent me

The Bride and Groom!

The view from above

The Vows

The Bride and her lovely assistants!


I’m really sorry. What more can I say? Forgive me?????

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lou and Me!

OK I don't have time right this very second to write about what I've been up to. HOWEVER I thought that I would post this picture of two very fabulous people in the meantime. I got to see Lou this weekend when I went up to Sydney.We took over this couch at the pub we were at for lunch. She's just such a gun and I don't see her enough!

PS. Thanks James for the pic!
Something that made me laugh


... there’s been a lot happening in my life and I’ve had ZERO time to blog about it. Sorry to all my disappointed fans who have been waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next to Miss Monification. What WOULD help me is if all these people who APPARENTLY visit my blog ACTUALLY left me a message. Then I might actually have some form of motivation to tell you things.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Photos!!

The Fam... Aren't we lovely?

A beautiful Melbourne day!

Kat and Tim... so much of an age gap, yet so much of the same dramatic flare

Now who would have though a bunch of homeschooled girls could turn out so stylish!

Baby Stella! The cutest little bub at the wedding. (The proud mum is in the photo above on the left of the bride)

Well that's all for now... I've gotta run and make sure some stuff makes the post!


So here are my sister Kathleen (aka Kat) and my new brother-in law Chris. Actually, when my youngest brother (then 7) first heard the phrase "brother-in-law", he miss heard and told Chris he was going to be our Lord Brother. So now Chris goes around telling us that we need to kneel at his feet and be at his beck and call, as befits his station in our family!

Anyway, they are a great couple and we had a BLAST at their wedding at the beginning of December. I’ll post a few more when I have time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Uploading issues

I've got issues at the moment with uploading pictures onto blogger. Such a shame! I was trying to put a picture of my sister Kat and her new husband.... will try again another day. Your loss!


I'm not dead. Just in case you were wondering. I have been just so incredibly flat out at work and in life generally, that blogging has simply not been on my to do list! It's not entirely a habit with me, so I don't find it hard to drop. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still around. I'm going to blog on my sisters wedding ASAP. I'm sure you are all waiting with heightened anticipation!

PS did you know that Blogger's own spell checker doesn't let the word "blogging", or "Blogger" for that matter, through? So weird!