Friday, January 20, 2006

Materialistic Dilemmas

To buy or not to buy.... this is a question that is haunting me today (apart from my work which of course I am doing will my utmost attention). It has also proven to me that I really should NOT get a credit card.

You see I am now working in the corporate world. A suit-wearing world. A childhood dream of mine actually. All I wanted was to work in the city, have a brief-case, and a suit. When I was little I didn't really care what it was that I was actually doing. Y0u see as long as I had those three things, I didn’t really care.

It seems that I was a very unambitious child and have now come to the brink of realising my dreams! I work in the city, I have a brief-case (type thing) and now...drum roll.... I am suit shopping.

Now suit shopping is great fun. I love it. But it has one most awful drawback. Cheap suits look cheap. Shocking in fact. Ergo anything worth buying costs me about a weeks wage.

Then, I found it. Exactly what I've been looking for. With a $700 price tag... jacket, skirt and pants... all just gorgeous! If I had had a credit card I BET I would have just bought it then and there on the spot. Luckily for me I don't and have had to think about it! Is it an investment or is it a waste of money? buy or not to buy!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Have you ever met some one who knows everything? Now I don't mean that the person thinks they know everything. That is something different all together. Rather they actually seem like they do know everything.

Well I have and he is the most fascinating man I have ever met. He's a De La Salle brother in his eighties and seriously if you bring up a topic, he knows all about it and more.

My family had him over tea last night and I was wondering, while he was talking, whether or not, if I stared hard enough, some of his immense knowledge would seep its way into my empty chasms of brain space. Unfortunately this exercise was fruitless and probably looked somewhat scary to the poor man.

I am however resolved…I need to fill this very empty brain of mine with knowledge and though my own efforts and not by trying to steal excess brain from others.

Well that’s all very well, good, noble, ect ect but how on earth do you do it? Where in the sphere of knowledge (don’t know why I called it a sphere but it sounds good) do you begin? I do have my own interests. History, in particular the history of the Church, is incredibly fascinating to me. I have majored in linguistics at University (I have another bone to pick with education which deal with another day) which I just loved. And then there’s a myriad of other areas, literature, philosophy, anthropology, politics… I mean it’s just ridicules! There is just too much to know and too much to be interested in.

Perhaps it’s just my good Catholic upbringing but I don’t really see all of these things as separate ‘subjects’ as it were. I hate compartmentalising things. They are all interrelated and so, in order to really understand one area of study, you have to study everything else as well!
Yes, Miss Monification even Maths and Science (shudder).

Sigh, so perhaps you see my dilemma. Where do you start?

I’ve been thinking…perhaps the best way before you start looking at everything around you, maybe you should start by looking at you. Not you specifically but you, meaning, what are you. What is a human person? Hmmmm me thinks I might start there.

Next dilemma… to fit it all in between everything else that goes on in my life!

I do solemnly swear that I will update this blog much more often and to use paragraphs…. I promise, I really do. I also will ATTEMPT not to write massive, long posts…..attempt being the operative word here.

I have been so busy this week it’s incredible! I have just started a new job and am learning all the ropes and believe you me… there are a hell of a lot of ropes to learn. But I’m up for a challenge. The main one at the moment is learning to work 9 – 5. No one ever told me that you actually have to get USED to this! Who knew that it can completely drain you? Perhaps someone should write a short "Guide to Full Employment". Particularly for graduates I think. They have been taught the idea that one should only work in single hour chunks and that if you must work for two hours, you will be given a ten minute break in which you can stand up and release your massive desire for talking to someone, anyone, even that strange person in black makeup sitting two seats away. Now where in the real world does this occur? That's right ...NOWHERE!

Well such is life! My lunch break is nearly over so I must get this posted and attack the massive piles of work in my desk before they attack me!