Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Photos!!

The Fam... Aren't we lovely?

A beautiful Melbourne day!

Kat and Tim... so much of an age gap, yet so much of the same dramatic flare

Now who would have though a bunch of homeschooled girls could turn out so stylish!

Baby Stella! The cutest little bub at the wedding. (The proud mum is in the photo above on the left of the bride)

Well that's all for now... I've gotta run and make sure some stuff makes the post!


So here are my sister Kathleen (aka Kat) and my new brother-in law Chris. Actually, when my youngest brother (then 7) first heard the phrase "brother-in-law", he miss heard and told Chris he was going to be our Lord Brother. So now Chris goes around telling us that we need to kneel at his feet and be at his beck and call, as befits his station in our family!

Anyway, they are a great couple and we had a BLAST at their wedding at the beginning of December. I’ll post a few more when I have time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Uploading issues

I've got issues at the moment with uploading pictures onto blogger. Such a shame! I was trying to put a picture of my sister Kat and her new husband.... will try again another day. Your loss!


I'm not dead. Just in case you were wondering. I have been just so incredibly flat out at work and in life generally, that blogging has simply not been on my to do list! It's not entirely a habit with me, so I don't find it hard to drop. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still around. I'm going to blog on my sisters wedding ASAP. I'm sure you are all waiting with heightened anticipation!

PS did you know that Blogger's own spell checker doesn't let the word "blogging", or "Blogger" for that matter, through? So weird!