Sunday, August 08, 2010

My work

As many of you know I have been here working on the restoration of St Patrick's in Soho. In April the work finally started after much blood, sweat, tears and VERY heavy lifting!

Everything moved out and preperation for digging commences.
Superfulous walls knocked out
Digging commences!
Massive hole almost dug!

Steel beams put in for the new floor. 
    It's all just a bit exciting really!

Some recent happenings

SO much has happened in the last six months and I at first had issues with my internet and then had fallen out of habit again with keeping this blog up. So, I thought I would do a brief back track with recent things that I managed to take pictures of, starting with:

I did finish that pile of work on my desk and I did end up going to Rome.
I neever get sick of this photo! 
Or him!
Caught up with some clerical type friends
and a VERY cute boy - and his parents.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


It is seventy-five days until I leave my home here in London and go back to Australia. It's funny, but I do see London as home right now. I just love it so much. Yes, it is very noisy. Yes, it is very crowded in parts. However, when I was walking through the streets to my local main post office (right next to St Martin's in the Fields) I realised how much I am going to miss it. It is the most fascinating place in the world and I got to live in the heart of it. Not in "Greater London" not even inner-suburban London. For two and a half years I have lived smack bang in the middle of the action. Yes. I have had a W1 address. I was - and for now am still- a proper Londoner and London is incredible.