Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lou and Me!

OK I don't have time right this very second to write about what I've been up to. HOWEVER I thought that I would post this picture of two very fabulous people in the meantime. I got to see Lou this weekend when I went up to Sydney.We took over this couch at the pub we were at for lunch. She's just such a gun and I don't see her enough!

PS. Thanks James for the pic!


Mister Berns said...

You were in Sydney...I was in Sydney! I graduated from my Bachelor degree finally..yay! Did you just go for a weekend away? How nice.

I would just like to say I understand your annoyance at people not leaving messages on the blog and emailing you instead. I keep saying leave a message, it makes it look well patronised!

So you'll have to blog about what you've been up to, I think I heard on the grapevine you found a new job...congrats!

Meg said...

Monica, you are a tease. You blog on April 24, with promises of more to come. But what's this?? It's May 14 and I see no new post. How misleading...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mons

Yeah, I agree with Meg. What's the point of having a blog and not updating it?

Put some more pics up or tell a funny story or something.

Oh, and a-hem. Zodiac sign? ('About Me' secction.) Since when was the alignment of stars compatible with Catholicism?

Anonymous said...

Here's my token comment, just to encourage you to update more often! Don't doubt your readership: I'm sure it's bigger than you now.

Now, while you're at it (the updating, I mean), update your "Blogs I read" list. Shannon's blog hasn't been updated since he entered the seminary (a bit like yours, actually!), and who could possibly doubt your slavish devotion to the Cloister?

I'd sign this, but I'm not allowed . . . that should narrow the range of possible identities. I'll buy you lunch at Sola if you track me down within a fortnight. :o)

Michael the Adelaidian said...

Hi there Monica! Happened to stumble across your blog. Not bad. Whoa though! The bright pink hurt my eyes, lol. Great pics, but where are the updates!? jk. When (yes when) I get a blog, I'll make sure I update it all the time, but until then, you just keep updating yours, ok? So all of us who read your blog from over the border can see what life is like is for the girl who is sufficiently introduced as 'Monica from Melbourne'. Anyway, gotta run. Michael

Anonymous said...

'7 days without prayer makes one weak'

Miss Monification said...


Anonymous said...

Miss Monification

You never have time this very second to update this site!

I'm going to have to stop looking, so as to stop being disapointed.