Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rhymes with slap-you

That's what I was told by a very esteemed priest friend of mine when I so clumsily said the name of the Archbishop of Denver, Archbishop Chaput. He told me that it rhymed with slap you and that the man himself had told him so!

ANYWAY, the Archbishop is giving a public address tonight in Melbourne as part of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (otherwise known as the ACCC -not to be confused with the OTHER ACCC , the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. VERY different!) Conference being held at the moment.

I'm actually not going. I need a night off! I'm just going to hang around at home and pack for the conference in Canberra (which he will be speaking at anyway). Anyway, I happen to know that tomorrow the transcript of the speech will be up at so I can see what he said even if I'm not able to get there myself.

Ok need to go home now!


Michael said...

Hi Monica, good to see your blog has been updated! Some of the photos are excellent. My sis reackons she met you in Melb over the last few days...

cheers, Michael the Adelaidian

Miss Monification said...

Yeah I did meet her! Following in her brother's footsteps I see. Was good to see you on the weekend.