Saturday, February 06, 2010

Backtrack #1

Christmas. Was. Amazing.
I went up to Penrith ("no, not Sydney" she said in a bored voice at the hundredth time someone thought that they would make a "joke") up in Cumbria and spent it with the lovely Steven Family who have been most gracious and adopted me since I have moved to the UK. This has been my third Christmas with them and as per usual they were just what a girl needs when her family are a thousand or so miles away.

Herewith are photos of fun and festivities of the day!

Cat and Eddie after sorting out all things presentish. 
  Christmas dinner

 The house Christmas morning...White Christmas! 
Flic and I very excited to be going out sledging. (NO! Not that kind of sledging!)

Just gorgeous 

Climbing up the steep sledging track

Ummm... where did the carpark go? 

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