Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hmmmm let’s try this AGAIN!

Ok. So I am, perhaps, the most inconsistent blogger in the world, who also consistently breaks her blogging promises...I’m not going to make any more promises about this blog. I will blog when I want to and I make no apologies.


Anyway just in case you were wondering … yes I bought that suit. Minutes of trauma ended with me just saying “Eh! What the heck!” Besides it’s a very cool suit.

Ok lets see if I can come back later and blog again. The bets are ON.


aaron said...

All you need is comments...!!!

aaron said...

go for it!!

Shan said...

Mmm... commenty goodness!

Now, tell us about your stalker. :)

Miss Monification said...

You idiot Shan!

Cypressus III said...

Monica, its just not done that you comment in your own blog. i recommend you buy the suit by the way

Miss Monification said...

My dear cypressus iii.... You can comment as long as you don't START OFF the comments...if it's your comment box then you have right of reply.