Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ok so I know I'm posting this a bit late but, after living in this fair city of Melbourne for eight years, I have finally attended the Melbourne Cup. I've been wanting too for so long but because of the fact that universities across Melbourne have colluded together to prevent as many students from going as they possible can by placing exams in that Spring Carnival Week, it has been impossible...until now.

Ok so it was FREEZING but I've become very savvy in dressing for Melbourne weather (literally four seasons in one day - except that on this particular day it was predominantly winter) and I brought a cardi with me so it wasn't so bad. It was interesting watching the poor girls who really weren't as prepared. I mean seriously girls some modesty is actually PRACTICAL!

I forgot to take photos, which is a shame for all of you 'cause you won't seem how very fabulous I looked! I got to wear a little red fascinator and everything! I posted at picture of what my fascinator kind of looked like!

I didn't win on the race but I did come second. Not that I got anything for it as I had tipped to win. I just thought that it was kind of cheating to bet both ways on "the" race. It's much more exciting to just go for a horse to win and to just miss out! Well I think so anyway.

People were warning me about the crowds, but I didn't find them all that terrible. I think that once you've been to a World Youth Day or two, your perspective is somewhat broadened in the way of crowds.

The upshot... did I have a fun day? Yes, even though the weather was not the greatest. Would I go again. Certainly...but on a warmer day.

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