Sunday, May 04, 2008


Books are heavy. Did you know that? I couldn't take a SINGLE book with me to England... :( was heartbreaking. HOWEVER I was telling this to Hannah, the most lovely girl who works across the desk from me..... and SHE told me that there was a Borders around the corner. So this little Monification took her little self down the street and low and behold there it was shinning in all its bright neon glory. OK so as a rule I'm a "cute little bookshop around the corner" (ten points for the movie reference - Meg you can't play, it's not fair to everyone else) kind of girl. But people. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I raided the place good and proper. I bought North and South, Tale of Two Cities, Picture of Dorian Gray (or i it Gray??) , Jesus of Nazareth and Shakespeare, by Bill Bryson. I know that it's kind of a bit of an English theme apart from the Benedict book but it doesn't matter where I am I STILL would have bought those books! Am now very excited. I have reading material!!! And I really don't want to convert all those pounds into dollars... it might make me weep!!! Time for sleep.


Jaclyn_Rose said...

Yay for You've got Mail - what an awesome movie! hehe

Oh, and you should get Jane Austens "Persuassion" so good!!

Schütz said...

Glad to hear you are settling in, Monica. Yes, I noticed no Jane Austen in your list. Let us know what Bryson's Shakespeare is like. HOW many stairs? (Count them and let us know!)

Miss Monification said...

I know I haven't got any Jane Austen... it's because I saw and coverted a hard cover boxed set...Shall be saving to get it!