Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm all Official!

Ok so last time I posted I said that I was going to be graduating. Well that happened yesterday and so now I am officially Miss Monification BA, BComm (Deakin). Woooo!! Mum, Dad and I had to go to Geelong (where one of Deakin's campus' are) yesterday morning. I had to be there by 9.30 (even though the ceremony didn't start til 11) and trying to get to Geelong from the other side of Melbourne in the morning is a bit of a chore. We got there however and I got my buttercup yellow.

Ok so graduations are not exactly the MOST exciting thing you could go to (except that you get to wear the most fantastic clothes. I mean seriously, why can't we go around in capes and hats like that all the time!? So cool.) But I was lucky 'cause I had the midyear one so there wasn't as many as usual. There was 250-300 ish but that's better than 500.

To pass the time way I graded the "doffs" of the trencher that everyone does. (Hey, it's pretty boring otherwise) Some people really have no idea. I'm sorry, but tapping the side of your trencher just doesn't cut it! It just looks like you are keeping it from falling off your head. Those people got a score of 2/10. Why not a 1 you ask? Well because some people miss it all together and "doff" the side of their head. Now THAT got a 1/10. (I'm too nice of a person to give someone a 0)

Well I now have two pieces of paper for which I (for the main part) worked very hard for. We are very well pleased!


Gratia said...

Congratulations Mon :-)
I can't even remember what colour represented my music degree...I think it might have been lilac. I didn't get to wear it though! I was an absentee graduand due to going on some orchestral rural tour. However I got to wear one for AmusA...actually I think that was lilac. Maybe there's a theme here!


Congrats again. It's actually interesting to note when all the unis hold their graduations. At Adelaide, we hold our mid-year in August and our end-of-year in December. I know Sydney Uni holds their end-of-year ones in like May or June the following year!!

Acolytus said... is buttercup yellow the colour of your hood?
If so. I'm sure you would be absolutly glowing in it.

Miss Monification said...

Yes I was glowing... but I always am :)

Anonymous said...

Here in the Netherland graduations are bizarre things - you get a personal chat with your tutors, witnessed by anyone you choose to invite along. Academic dress is unheard of apart from on's certainly different from my first degree in the UK!