Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good point!

Alice, although rudely making fun of my visa issues and my very much Australian-ness, has a good point. I haven't actually explained WHY I am going to London.

When I went overseas over Christmas I just loved London. Paris was the most beautiful city...but London was the most interesting. And as we all know it is interesting that I like the most! (Yes Meg, interesting things and exclamation marks.) I have never seen so many fabulous things jammed together in one spot.

So anyway I came away from London thinking that "Yes, I could live here for a while". But I didn't think that it would actually happen.

To be honest, I love my life here in Melbourne. I really do. I really wouldn't have actually thought about leaving had not a great opportunity come up to work with the Parish of Soho in London. I will be taking over their fundraising campaign to help restore the Church there and to renovate the basement under the church for a Parish Centre.

SO. CRAZY. I can tell you right now. God works in bizarre ways. He's good. But bizarre.

Oh and yes... I took that photo at Christmas time.


Anthony said...

Hi Monika,

I'm over in London too. Let me know when you get over and we can grab a coffee!!

Joshua said...

Great news, Monica!

Hope to see you in Melbourne just before you go Home ("to London to visit The Queen").

Anonymous said...

Ah ha!!!
Now you explain!!!!!!!

At least you're going to the trendy area - good for you! You won't have any more visa problems if you meet Mr D or Mr B or even Mr W!

I might even come over and see you sometime in October/November on my IRISH passport - did I mention that I had one? Don't think I did....
But then, as Fr Fleming says, you wouldn't want to hang around someone from the IRA.

Don't worry if you get homesick and want to come home early, I'll fill in for you!

Happy flying!