Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Well I am in the middle of a nice a quiet weekend. I've had a stack of filing to do at work so I've kind of hung around the office today trying to catch up on all things work.
I chatted to the family this morning. My youngest brother Tim is really happy about the Hawks finally being a team of which he can be proud! I am very proud that he stuck with his team through all the rubbish years (which have lasted pretty much his entire life) and didn't fall to the usual temptation of childhood swapping to a team who is actully doing well! Well done!!!

Here's a pic of him... just becuase i miss him! xxxxx
We had a little bit of a scare this morning because the Centre of the World, who I mentioned in my last post, went missing for a little while... Fr was doing a baptism and Ambrose escaped while Fr wasn't looking and ran out into the street. Now... Soho... isn't a place for a little dog... so we were SCOURING the place for the little red dog! Somehow he managed to get himself down to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station and found a rubbish bin... one of his favouite things. Well he was found and was VERY sorry. So... we all forgave him. Here's some picture of the cute little thing to perhaps try and convey his cuteness and help you to understand why we all bow down and do what he wills!

See... how much is he so cute!?

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