Tuesday, September 30, 2008

26 London Style

Well I was 26 yesterday and I made it through the day... nice!

It was a tad weird. I may be somewhat sheltered ... but I have never been away from home on my birthday before. It was different. There was no Tim to jump on me in the morning. There was no family do... it's a little bit of a shock to ones system I think.

HOWEVER... the most lovely people who I live and work with (some of whom I am lucky enough to do both!) were just so lovely and did everything they could to make it a really really lovely day. It started the night before (yes I held a vigil of my birth) with the beautiful Jovina who was visiting me (ok she wasn't visiting ME she was visiting her sister... but you know... I am here too!) and who took me out to a most lovely Mexican restaurant and the we went to the Haugen Dass (I don't think that's how you spell it... but you know... the super fantabulous ice-cream?) cafe and had a most lovely night! (Jov... I cannot BELIEVE we have NO pictures of us in London AT.ALL!)
Then I got home and the lovely Jeanine was there and she gave me a most lovely present of slippers (she doesn't really approve of my bare-feetedness) and a CD of the brilliant and Ella Fitzgerald.

Jeanine also welcomed me into my birthday by giving me a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday through the door at 6:30 in the morning... gotta love her!

Then I got to Mass (whooohooo for having a birthday this is also got such a cool title like Michaelmas!) and had my obligatory coffee. At work we had a most lovely cake in the form of a GIANT french fancy... Hannah... you are amazing! Work was of course busy... we've got a marrrrrhusive week this week and there is NO time for slacking off even on one's birthday.
Then after work Hannah, Edna, two of my Anna's, Barbara, Vincent and Marcus came out for dinner on Charlotte Street (love that street... and that name!) where a most exuberant and hilarious time was had by all. The most lovely people at the restaurant gave me a birthday cake with super cool candles on it. It was a really nice night.

So. All in all ... I had a really really lovely birthday. Thanks to all those who sent me messages via phone, email, facebook, post, ect. I really really really REALLY appreciated it! Thanks also to everyone here for making my birthday here so really very special. xxxx
Hmmm I'll just wack up some photos from the night at the bottom here! (Yes Hannah... I stole them off you. x)

Hannah and me!
Edna and Anna (one of them!) Cute (and tasty) cake with very cool candles M&S how awesome are YOU!

Lovely friends!
Me the poser.

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Anonymous said...

Happpeeeee Birthday Monzie!

Glad you had a great day. It is weird having birthday away from home.
Had my 23rd on the road to Rome....literally.
But at least I brought cake!!!!

Hey, see if you can get to Manchester - it's beaut. Better than Newcastle and easy to get to and from the airport (it's on the train line). We so need that in Melbourne.

Have fuuuuuuuunnnnnn!