Monday, October 13, 2008

I. Love. Rome. 

Ok so I have just spent 4 glorious days in Rome. I had never been before... yes, I am awear that this is almost a crime, but I have now remedied the situation! It was jammed packed with everything including a facinating look at the temperament of the Italians when one's taxi is sideswiped by a bus (yes I was in it at the time) Interestingly enough... the way to deal with this is to scream at the bus driver and then put your taxi IN FRONT OF IT with your customer inside. Loved it! Ok so I don't have time for more and i want to put up pics which I cannot do from this computer. Shall update with more soon!

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Peter said...

You are not alone in being a Rome-less roamer, I have never been near the place. I suspect it may be some time before we can shake the children and slip across to see it :(

Please enjoy it thoroughly, and say a prayer for all us plebs stuck here :)