Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oh the Life of the Cultured.
I have just come home from a staging (yes staging) of Messiah at the ENO with the most wonderful Hannah. It was a very contemporary production, and I am not used to watching AND listening to Messiah but it was really very good and the bass was aMAzing. 

There was a most annoying man sitting next to me who thought that chewing on his gum with his mouth open would edify those around him. It did not. I wanted to punch him. However by the second act he lost the gum and then felt that he had the upper hand and turned around and asked the girl behind him whether or not she had cough drops because she needed them.

Seriously. PEOPLE!

Hannah was sitting next to the most delightful old couple who came for the wife's birthday treat. They treated us to macaroons. 

Then I walked (ran) with Hannah to Charing Cross and wandered back through the streets of London home. I suddenly realised I was STARVING and had the total of £1 pound with me... Ahhhhhh Cheese Burger. Thank you. (Sorry Aaron)

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