Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 1

I arrived at 4:30 in the morning after that hell that is the 13 hours long Singapore flight. All went smoothly at immigration as was to be expected and then my bag was one of the first out. That never happens to me. I think God decided to help my poor migraine inflicted self. Loaded up with a million bags which weighed a ton I made my way via train and taxi back home. There is nothing, I repeat, there is not one single thing better than a well placed shower and, my friends, that is what I had when I managed to climb the million stairs to my dwelling.

After a nap I decided to go for a wander to find that most essential ingredient to my life, coffee. A huge bowl of it.
Then I had a look around the place at what London had done this year for Christmas. The only thing that makes the London public on mass smile - apart from the sun - is Christmas and the lead up to it.
This year the Oxford Street lights theme is "A Christmas Carol"


A shot of Oxford street which shows why I avoid it like the plague - or, to be more contemporary, swine flu.

Carnaby Street is looking like its outrageous self!

After the wondering bug left me I went home and started the world of unpacking. This is a scary process which I just know is going to take me days. Suddenly it was time to go out for dinner with the ever charming Suzanne and Julia. This time on the Adventures of the International Trio, we were checking out an Ethiopian place called The Nile in Vauxhall and Suzanne's mother was with us. It was really great food and it only cost us £17 for the four of us. Yes. We were very happy with it and the fact that it was very colourful!

On my way home I took a shot of Oxford street a night for the whole lights effect since it's not so impressive during the day. 

So that was my first day back. Who knows what the following days - however many there end up being - hold for this Miss.


Jaclyn_Rose said...

Yay - keep up the blogging!!!

Meg said...

Yay, you're back! And I love the photo blogging - very nice! More of that, please ;)