Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week One Down
What a week.
Hit the desk Monday morning and just read and read and read. So much goes on when you are away for a month. So much paper is generated! It's taken me a week to feel like I have even remotely caught up.

I was trying to leverage my jet lag so that I got into a habit of getting up at 6am and I am happy to say that I managed this every single day. So proud. I did struggle at the other end of the day however when falling asleep sounded like a better option than my filing but I struggled through and I think I can safely say that jet lag has been defeated. Whether or not I am in the habit of working 9-5 I cannot say.

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

Boo jet lag - we were walking around Rome between midnight and 5 am our first two days here! (Finn's fault, I'm sure we could have forced ourselves to sleep)

Good job on conquering jet lag!!re