Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

There are many facets to the world of St Patrick's Soho. One of the more pleasant ones for myself is the presence of the St Patrick's School of Evangelisation (Look them up, think about doing it yourself! I highly recommend it.). The best bit about the school for me, is that I get to meet a group of fantastic young people from across the world who are here to learn what God wants of them in their lives and make a difference to the lives of others, including my own. It's purely selfish on my part really!

Today was community day and the students got to be taken out for the day by their kind benevolent Aunties and Uncles, also known as Tess, Anthony, Marcus and me! (Yes, we are particularly proud of this most fantastic picture of us in all our benevolence)

The day started, as most days start here at St Patrick's, in the front hall waiting for someone. Often when everyone has turned up one finds that someone else has left in the meantime and so the waiting begins again.                      Tis something of a process.

THEN we were finally on our way, winding our way through the streets of London.

Stopping every now and again to do things like:

Smell trees

Check out the best toy store in the world

Take pictures of ourselves in a statue of mirrored balls (just trust me... we are in there!)

Then we got to the markets and had a lovely time drinking mulled wine, eating our packed lunch (ahhhhh Arnold sandwiches) wondering around and going on a ride or two. My camera died just at the rides part of our day but as you can see we had a pretty good day.

So endith the day.

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