Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving to London... Part the second.

Right. So. Today I moved to London for the second time. Strange I know. It's a long story, not very exciting story and a story I can't be bothered to tell. However,to alleviate any curiosity that my reader may have I shall give you the basic facts:

1. New visa system in the UK.
2. Need to stay longer in UK.
3. Had to go home to Australia to get new visa.
4. Therefore, have moved to London again.

There you have it. My long boring story set out in four sentences of no more than ten words. Amazing that something which dragged on for so long can be summed up in such a short space, but apparently this can be done often, I am just not very good at it - just ask my long suffering father.

Because I feel like I have had a somewhat new beginning - new visa = new person kind of deal - I am going to see if I can keep this up a little better for my own good, as well as yours. So with a new profile picture of me on my 2nd first day in London and a sudden surge of after midnight enthusiasm I take up my laptop and enthrall you with London and the life of one in the midst of the chaos on which this city thrives.

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